Stop Believing – The Foamers (2001)

-Carajo como no los descubrí antes, excelente musica, como la que escasea hoy, lastimosamente ya se separararon, lástima, abajo la canción con un marco de     buen trial bike, rico!

-Fuck how i didnt discover this band before! Excelente music, in this times good music is something strange, pitifully they broke up in 2004 =(, down there is the song with the frame of a excelente trial bike video, enjoy it! =)
-Merda, come non li scoprí prima =(, eccellentissima  musica! Oggi non ci sono bande come questa, puto emo >_<! lastimosamente sono disoluti nel 2004, altrimenti sotto c´é  la  canzone con  il marco de un bueon video di trial bike, godete!

Global destruction ignored by you and me

Racism and hate campaigns – what happened to unity?

The violent authority controlling the majority – safeguard their property

So give us all a gun so we kill someone in the land of liberty…

Cos I don’t know what it means to be free

Controlled by them since I was born – Propaganda through TV

But I’ve read the papers and I’ve seen the news and the words I
couldn’t see were the ones they’d hidden from my eyes about reality…

Dumbing down of a nation with easier GCSEs

Making sure that we trust your lies blind, implicitly

The minority controlling ythe majority – Forced by hostility

So give the police guns

Rights to kill someone in the land of linserty..

Stop believing ini their social myths now – Telling you what’s not true you’ve got to stop believing waht’s right for them and start what’s right for you.


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